National Outreach Foundation

The Foundation

Our mission is to increase philanthropy across the United States. We seek to achieve this goal by providing a low-cost, efficient way for donors to make charitable contributions, recommend grants to their favorite charities, and continue their giving activities across generations.

The goal of the Foundation is to improve the philanthropy of the public by encouraging life-long, multi-generational programs of charitable contributions, in an environment in which an individual may make charitable contributions in full confidence of the receiving organization, its management, use of funds, and tax exempt status.

The National Outreach Foundation's donor-advised fund is a philanthropic vehicle that allows donors to create donor-advised accounts with their contributions, qualify for immediate tax deductions, and then, over time, recommend charitable entities to receive grants from these accounts.


Our Charities and Projects

We Are One Concerts( is an organization bringing concerts to kids across America with the mission of promoting unity between races and cultures. Gathering high school choirs and others together to rehearse, interact and perform together with Professional International Recording Artists and producers, provides a once in a lifetime experience for the youths. The organization gives scholarships and awards to deserving young people to encourage them to further their education and to work toward better relationships between races. Through the concerts and televised events the effort will reach millions this year with a strong message of unity when we need it most.